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Are you looking for a professional native speaker for your recording project? Agentur Stimmgerecht from Berlin has what you are seeking. The German agency has been placing qualified voice over talents for more than fifteen years. With Agentur Stimmgerecht, you will have a partner that advises you on your project and helps you to find the perfect voice that meets all your expectations. The native voices of Agentur Stimmgerecht’s speakers enhance every recording project, whether you are looking for voices for industrial films, audio books, a commercial or computer games. Each native speaker of Agentur Stimmgerecht makes sure that your personal project turns into a success, be it a native speaker of English, German, Japanese, Russian or any other language that complements your project. Agentur Stimmgerecht gives your production the perfect voice in nearly every language.


What is a “Voice Over”?

Voice over is the term for a unique narration or production technique that is also known as off-camera commentary. In other words, the voice over is not part of the narration but read from a script, either by someone from the cast or a special voice over actor or voice over actress. The voice-over finds use in a variety of projects, including Hollywood movies and novels, as well as radio programs, documentaries, theater performances and commercial videos. Additionally, it is very common that a native speaker lends his or her voice to a character in the film dubbing business. Agentur Stimmgerecht is one of the leading voice agencies in Germany and knows very well how to find the perfect voice or native speaker for any voice over project. Years of experience contribute to the agency’s extraordinary performance in each of their projects.

The voice over technique may be used as a creative device in film-making in order to create the effect of storytelling, for which the voice over artist reads out the scripted text while, at the same time, certain images are shown in the movie. Popular examples for movies which employed the narration technique of the voice over are for instance Goodfellas or Blade Runner, just to name a few. Apart from that, the narration technique is also employed as a character device in novels and other works of fiction.


The Voice Over Talents and Native Speakers of Agentur Stimmgerecht

Not anyone qualifies as an appropriate voice over speaker. It usually takes a lot of practice and talent to be a successful voice over artist. Famous actors and actresses often work in voice over projects and lend their voices to characters or realize dubbing productions of movies. Especially when realizing a dubbing production, a native speaker proves to be of great value for the dubbing movie’s quality. Only a native speaker possesses the desired sound form and grammatical structure of the mother tongue, which a non-native speaker is not capable of imitating.

At Agentur Stimmgerecht, only qualified voice over artists are chosen for recording projects. Their pool of native speakers is constantly growing and ensures the agency’s great panoply of native voices. Currently, Agentur Stimmgerecht has over 2.500 eligible talents with whom they work together. Every (native) speaker’s linguistic property is checked beforehand by Agentur Stimmgerecht, to make sure that the agency’s high quality standards and requirements are thoroughly met.

The speaker categories of Agentur Stimmgerecht reach from male and female voices as well as popular voices over young voices and native speakers to promising new voice over actors and actresses. The agency’s voice over speaker categories also include various native voices and voice over talents who are specifically qualified for recording projects such as corporate videos, audio books and computer games, as well as voice over artists for cartoons and animated films. In addition to the agency’s varied voice over productions, Agentur Stimmgerecht’s voice actors also author translations for your project. A translation done by a native speaker contributes greatly to your project’s high quality and its success. Whatever voice it is that you are looking for, you can be sure that Agentur Stimmgerecht has the voice you need.


Agentur Stimmgerecht’s Recording Studio in Berlin

The agency is equipped with a high-quality recording studio in Berlin. The fully air-conditioned studio enables Agentur Stimmgerecht to realize recording projects with their clients and a proficient native speaker right in the heart of Germany’s capital. The recording agency’s services include, apart from placing qualified native speakers, an extensive consulting of Agentur Stimmgerecht’s clients by the agency’s professional staff members. Innovative technology and advanced equipment enables the Berlin agency to accomplish even the most challenging recording projects in a hugely satisfying manner. The agency’s studio makes it possible for Agentur Stimmgerecht to realize recording projects according to their clients’ needs and to produce and record their clients’ projects within a very short period of time. In their recording studio, Agentur Stimmgerecht accomplishes productions, recordings with a voice over speaker, mixing and mastering of commercial releases as well as voice over projects and audio to visual overdubbing with a native speaker.